So lets begin with its freakin hot in Vegas, its gonna be 110 degrees for atleast the next week, probably gonna get hotter too. I have to start wearing a hat when I walk the dogs. Have to walk them separately, dont ask. One is a Cairn Terrier, like Toto from the Wizard of Oz, the other is a lovely Westie.

So my boys from Holland left this a.m. Took them to airport. Last nite was their last nite and I had been telling them that I’ve been pretty lucky speeding tix wise. Starting on July 4th, I was getting on the freeway, noticed a cop finishing up giving a ticket, thinking to myself, ease up Dave theres a cop coming up from behind.

Of course I forgot all about it in a nano second, and there he was right on my ass. What he does is pull over the guy next to me LOL. I was even getting ready to pull over thinking he was gonna get us both.

Fast forward to last thurs nite, on my way to see Andrew Dice Clay on the strip and another cop comes flying up my ass and I am thinking it is over. So I get out of the fast lane thinking he will follow me over and then sound the siren. Nope, he just flies on by.

Well all that ended last nite when going out to dinner (wne to a really sweet Japanese Steak House on Paradise road as a goodbye dinner for the Holland boys.
Sure enough a motorcycly cop was hanging on the corner with a radar gun, of course pulled me over and my +ev no tickets was over.

Okay update for the quest. Didnt play as much as I wanted to yesterday do to hangin out with the Holland boys. I played 7,018 hands for a profit of 148.90 for Monday, and Tuesday…One of the things I find pretty kewl is that my button and cutoff steal +% are thru the roof.

From the cutoff its +82%, and +85% from the buttton, and thats been sustained from the beginning. Not sure how much I will play today as the wife is home and we gonna go see Bruno tonite, along with some lunch out on the strip, maybe I can get some hands in b4 lunch and after the movies, cya


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