Good morning all. I went to my NL poker group discussion last nite. I spoke with Dr. Al, known author of a few books you may have read (Alan Schoonmaker) Sklansky showed up too….Anyways my quest starting out is how lucrative can shortstacking/multi tabling be. My initial goal is to play 200,000 hands in 60 days and make a profit of 5,000.00

There will be bankroll management, among other things to consider like when to move up to the next level. I aleady moved from 25NL to 50NL, and not sure how long I will stay there. Then there is 100NL, and 200NL.

Yesterday I played over 7 hours for a profit of 90.00. The interesting thing is I averaged 1.00 per shove yesterday, and as early as it is this a.m I am already up to 2.00 a shove. I am sure that ratio will not last.

It still amazes me the hands that calls my shove, unbelievable. As long as these players are around I will make a ton of money. Check in with you later. Cya


  • This is old and done, even started another quest, and finished that one too LOL, Thanks for reading though, keep following, more to come

  • I see the 25NL move to 50NL do you mean 25 Cents Big Blind. I am interested in what you are doing. Please alaborate

  • If your’e into good learning books I recommend – Hold’Em Poker for Advanced Players by David Sklansky. I’ve learned a lot from this book.

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