Short Stack Strategy…Things I Have Learned

9 days, 38,000 hands (6 winning days, 3 losing days) Yesterday didnt go to well as I didnt follow my rules, and had a nice 15 buy in loss. All hands used for the strategy are winners except for KQs, and AJs. They are modest loosers. So you may ask what rules didnt I follow. I was not capable of folding a missed flop. This is very important, and may need to be discussed more at length.

One thing you will never see me do is call a raise with AJ, AQ, KQ…These are all folds (very important) You dont know how many times my AK, AQ (when I am the raiser) beat out all the other ace hands. I fold AJ, 77-99 in EP, and MP (99, AQ okay in MP)….only playable for an open raise in LP.

My VPIP is 7.7 and my PFR is 6.5….They should be equal, something I need to work on. On a side note, I am getting close to Supernova and obtaining multiple bonuses this month. I would appreciate any comments, and thoughts you all might have. Any stats you might be curious about? cya


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    August 8, 2009 at 9:51 am

    I play the max tables at stars, 24 tables for the 25NL. I actually sometimes open raise, cbet and fold if I missed.

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    August 8, 2009 at 12:00 am

    I’m really interested into learning ShortStacking Strategy. Whats stakes are you playing, 25NL?

    Basically, you are playing Nit and raise and/or reraise to get AI either preflop or on the flop?

    And 38k hands in 9 days is alot 😛 How much table you play at a time?

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