So far so good

Hey there, I’m already updating my blog even though I wrote some yesterday.
Meanwhile, I’ve been multi-tabling some. Results so far are good even tho I got sucked out a couple of time, I’m a bit below my EV line, but still I managed to make 3BI at 2NL which takes my BR to a nice 74$.

I’m running 6,69bb/100 for about 4,3k hands. Back in the days I remember I was doing something like 8bb/100 for 30k hands. I don’t know if I’ll achieve that but it is certainly an achievable goal since im below EV and only starting 😉

I also purchased a 2-tone sleeve at the VIP store at PS for 1250 FPP like 4 days ago. I had a surprise to found out that my account had been supplied with 1250 FPP today. It seems my purchase couldnt be done after all, so I guess I’ll wait a bit and get a hoodie at ~2k FPP 🙂

Now I gotta go work, I might play some hands tonight too. Can’t wait to reach 100$ and play Deepstack 😀

Good luck all!


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