I just want to make it absolutley clear that over the past 2 weeks, 50,000 hands of poker I am up over $344.00

I just have to clear my head a bit since loosing 1/2 my winnings in less than 5 days (yes, I was up over 750.00) and when I start back up I will be smart and drop down to 25NL.

I will spending the day in the sports book today, not sure if the Mandalay Bay, or Ceasars is the best to be at. I will be experimenting with some horse racing, WNBA betting, of course there is a big bet tonite on baseball (Kansas City)

Did you know that by betting 2% of bank roll, and winning you will double up every 50 days. I found that quite amazing and wondering if I can use this to my advantage. cya


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