PokerDIY July Newsletter – Better player stats and more

PokerDIY July Newsletter

Poker player stats, 40 000 players and PokerDIY on your iPhone…

July, 2009

Poker Player Stats

We’ve been working on the poker player stats screen to make it more useful – for example, have a look at this player’s scores.

Read more about how you can have this on your own poker league or click here to see a live poker league in action.

Poker Player Stats

Looking for home poker games?

Just a reminder if you are trying to find a home game. The easiest way is with our Poker Map or you could post a free poker game ad.

You can also search by location and find other players near you.

Poker Map

40 000th poker player joins…

Thanks to all of you for helping build our poker community. We now have over 40 000 players on PokerDIY! Have a read of our growth timeline.

By the way, have you seen your new profile URL? Mine is Read more about it here.

Quick Stats

  • 802 Poker Leagues
  • 40463 Poker Players
  • 7919 Poker Games
  • 589 Poker Groups

Do you use Dr Neau?

PokerDIY integrates with STM, Dr Neau and Tournament Director. Publish your league results with a few clicks!

Suggest a Feature

Is something missing from your poker league? Suggest a feature and we’ll make it happen!

Poker Webmasters

We get 38k of visitors a month (around 1300 per day). Read about our traffic growth and advertise your poker site on PokerDIY.

PokerDIY Fanclub Page

Twitter Page

Have you seen PokerDIY on your iPhone/Mobile?

You can now update your poker league scores on your iPhone or browse poker leagues, player profiles and scores from your mobile! Check out from your phone or read more about PokerDIY Mobile here.


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