Top Mac compatible Poker sites with Rakeback and Bonus

To get all of our hardcore Mac users on the right path we have listed our favorite Mac friendly poker sites that you can enjoy rakeback, freerolls, and deposit bonuses. We’ve also included information that you need in case you would like to play at a different room that we offer that do not directly support Mac computers.

Top 3 MAC Poker Bonus Sites

1. Full Tilt Poker 27% Rakeback $600 bonus $30,000 Freeroll
2. UB Ultimate Bet Poker 30% Rakeback $1100 bonus $10,000 Freeroll
3. Absolute Poker 30% Rakeback $1100 bonus $10,000 Freeroll

Mac Poker Online

Mac users have several different options when it comes playing poker on their computers. Some online rooms will offer software that is identical to the software offered for pc users while other rooms will offer a java version. The worst-case scenario would require players to purchase and install an emulator or Microsoft Windows so that they can utilize the poker room’s client

3rd Party Software

Using a 3rd party program or installing windows is the option for those of you that do not want to play at Full Tilt or the CEREUS Network, but would still like to be able to play poker at a room that does not have a Java or Flash version.

The best option would be to use Apple’s ‘Boot Camp’ program which will ultimately allow players to choose between running either OS X or Windows at start-up. Many online room’s minimum requirements are Windows, so using this option would get you in the clear. Boot Camp is free but requires users to own a copy of Windows XP. Windows XP will cost any from $70 to as high as $200 or more depending on the version you choose.

The other option is to run an emulator which allows both Windows and OS X to run at the same time. This of course is great so that users can switch between programs quickly and rather easily. However, since both programs will be running at the same time, it should be expected that your computer run a bit slower than normal as well. Programs such as Virtual PC start at a little above $100 and are as high as $200 depending on the program you choose.

Of the two options, purchasing and running Windows would be the preferred method as you will only be running one program and it is ultimately cheaper. On the other hand, if you need to multi task using your Mac programs while player poker, than using an emulator of course would be better.

Online Poker on Mac

To ensure a great experience on your beloved Mac computers, the best option for Mac users would be to download Full Tilt Absolute Poker or UB. Users will get everything the room has to offer including all the games, software options and of course great bonuses and rakeback. is home of the best rakeback offers onine.


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