Bonus 50% rakeback and 4 freerolls an hour



We are looking for poker players to beta test our new online client software. As a reward, we now offer freerolls four times every hour. The prize pools will be ranging from $10 to $1,000; the latter will be conducted 20:00 (CET) the 1st of every month!

The beta winnings you win in the freerolls is our ‘bonus’ to you for helping us test our software; and they can be converted to real dollars when we launch in 2010!

Our state-of-art gaming platform is in many ways completely different from anything you have ever experienced on the Internet. This small BETA launch is just an appetizer for what you can expect in the beginning of 2010.

NOTICE! US players are not prohibited from playing on our Beta version; but we recommend against it, because US players will not be able to convert their ‘Beta Winnings’ to real money when we obtain our EU based gaming license.


To take part in our beta, there are 3 simple steps

1: Click here to visit our download site and download our beta client
2: Install and chose Create New Account at the login screen
3: In the field marked Referral Code, enter the code betafr – this will ensure you have access to all of our beta freerolls and will grant you a 50% rakeback bonus when we go live!!

Have fun and good luck!


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