Home Poker Laws in your Country/State

Ever wanted to know if your home poker game was actually legal in your State/country? We have compiled a FAQ for Home Poker Game laws to help you!

Make sure you stay on the right side of the law and keep your home poker games legal.

Hopefully one day this will change and as adults we’ll be able to decide if a home poker game with friends in the privacy of one’s home is legal or illegal!

Let us know on the Home Poker Law forum if you have any questions or wish to know about the specific poker laws for your area/country…


  • Rod,
    For the Ohio laws you should also mention that no money may be taken from the money that is risked (gambled) by those playing. This means no seat fee, no house fee and also no money for food. Any money for food should be donated seperately from the money being used in the game. All money risked must be able to be won by any of those risking the money.

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