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May 26
What Are the Best Casinos for Playing Poker?

Source: Pixabay Poker has taken a huge step forward in recent years by going online, but what are the best sites to do this on? WSN has collaborated with PokerDIY to guide you through the online casinos that have the best poker offerings. Bet365 Casino This website has a series of tabs at the top, […]

Oct 26
Best Mainstream Mobile Casino Apps in 2020

For some people, mobile apps are the future of online gaming. And sure enough, most game creators don’t feel contented unless they release a mobile version of their game. Unfortunately, the excitement that once surrounded mobile apps is declining. Don’t get confused, people aren’t ditching mobile games for PC or console. They are just not […]

Sep 14
Jugar al poker desde el movil o PC

Ahora ya puedes jugar al poker desde el movil o PC si vives en España. Desde el lunes la sala de poker más grande a nivel nacional Pokerstars emite el anuncio con Rafa Nadal jugando al poker desde su movil. Eso si, hace falta descargar el software primero a un PC normal para registrarse como […]

Feb 07
Mobile client for Enterra Poker platform is released

Enterra poker is introducing new possibilities for online poker. The famous Enterra Poker system now offers a mobile client, which drastically enhance the overall capabilities of the system. Leveraging the all-round Enterra expertise in poker software development, the mobile version offers all the best features of Enterra Poker, including: – Different types of poker: Hold'em, […]

Jul 11
Adamo notebooks along with Apple’s MacBook Air

  The latest effort came Tuesday with the introduction of the XPS 15z, the first in a series of laptops that are billed as thinner and more elegantly designed. Dell is trying to demonstrate that it understands what consumers want– in addition to what business customers, its core market, want. Dell has struggled to find […]

Oct 30
Free poker blind timer for Windows Phone 7 (WP7)

Yes, PokerDIY Tourney Manager is now available for free download on the Windows Phone 7 mobile! Download it for free from the Zune marketplace (the only free poker clock/blind timer) or watch a video of it in action: “;” alt=””> Free poker blind timer for the Windows Phone Mobile   Get the desktop version free […]

Jul 20
iPhone Poker App Review: PokerBuddy

App: Poker Buddy Cost: £0.59 (On Sale) Developer: Origin8 This week Shark-Stats have been using origin8’s “Poker Buddy” for the iPhone to run a few poker tournaments for a small group of friends. The app is on sale from the app store for only £0.59 which already makes it great value for money. Update: If […]

Jul 20
iPhone Poker App Review – Blind Timer

App: Blind Timer Cost: £1.79 Developers: I came across this app and I though would just be a glorified stopwatch. However once I installed it and loaded her up I was plenty surprised at what lurked under the surface. The App is called “Blind Timer” and can be found by searching the app store […]

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Aug 25
Poker league scoreboards with Dr Neau, Tournament Director and STM

If you publish your poker league scoreboard from Dr Neau, STM or The Tournament Director to PokerDIY then you may have noticed a new little icon on your poker game results. Have a look at this demo home poker game… (screenshot below)   Don’t be alarmed, this just indicates that the game results were exported from one […]

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May 15
iPhone App – Find The Nuts: Texas Holdem Trainer

Checkout the new iPhone app “Find The Nuts: Texas Holdem Trainer” https://pokerdiy.comfindthenuts In poker, “the nuts” is the strongest possible hand in a given situation. “Find The Nuts” is a one-player Texas Hold ‘em training application that teaches users to learn to read the community cards. Why is reading the community cards important? In a […]