App: Blind Timer
Cost: £1.79

I came across this app and I though would just be a glorified stopwatch. However once I installed it and loaded her up I was plenty surprised at what lurked under the surface.

The App is called “Blind Timer” and can be found by searching the app store via your iphone on iTunes. It comes in at £1.79 and straight of the bat the price is more than reasonable. So what do you get for you money?

Update: If you want a free poker blind timer/chip calculator etc. then check out our very own PokerDIY Tourney Manager!

The main screen displays the time remaining for the level, how long before a break, which level you are currently at and how many remain, blind levels and average stack. All of these sections are clearly shown and switching from portrait to landscape allows more room for the clock to be shown.

Then you have the players, addons and rebuy sections. These are simple increase / decrease options with the main settings being held in the options menu which is accessible below. You then have a Start and user break button which do exactly what they say. The buttons are big enough to use accurately even in low light of a poker room or home game.

As mentioned above the options are broken down into two main sections the payouts and the settings tabs. The payouts section covers the initial buyin, addons and rebuy costs. The only downside to this section is the areas are quite small to select and can take a couple of tries. Once accessed however it makes light work of processing the payout structure as there are three preset options to choose a couple include 70/30 and 65/25/10 splits. If you want to change the split you can do so for up to 5 places. It would be nice to see an option for more paid places but this may appear in an updated version.

Moving on to the settings tab this controls the amount of levels, player counts and chip counts. You can also save tournament teamplates via the “edit” button, these can then be selected via the roller option on the main settings screen. This is a nice addition to the App as setting up a tournament each time you want to use it would become rather tiresome.

Overall this is a great app if you are running a small home or league game and need to relay on something other than a stopwatch or a timer on your mobile. The payout structure again is a huge plus point as you know where you stand regarding the structure. I have used this for several home games and it has not crashed once. So if you are in the market for a inexpensive blind timer and don’t want to go the laptop with software route and you have an iphone, I would  recommend this app.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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