Category: Laws and Regulations

Jun 16
Poker Player Loses Over $160K In Winnings After Getting Disqualified From WPT500

A British poker player has gone through the ordeal of having all of his winnings confiscated after coming out on top of the WPT500 at partypoker. David Afework won a whopping $160,210 from the event, besting 2,088 players along the way. However, his celebrations were short-lived as the World Poker Tour informed him of his […]

May 23
What is a poker club?

A poker club is an underground card room. Is it legal to play? Yes, it is 100% legal to play poker in New York City. It is legal to play poker at your friends house. It is legal to play poker at a poker club. What is illegal about a poker club? It is illegal […]

Dec 20
Watching Poker on TV (ESPN)

As I sit an watch poker games on mainstream television I can't help but to think how ridiculous it is that online poker is against the law but it is also the highest rated program on television. Don't spend money you don't have to stop something that you can never actually control. Its like trying […]

Apr 20
An American Update

So word is out they will let us cash out (DOJ) per a release by the dept of justice. Concerns are they will now tax us on any funds received, 2nd theres concerns that the checks being issued may not be excepted by any US Bank as they are from an ill gotten source. I […]

May 14
Poker as a Revenue Source for Governments

Even in the 21st century, many shortsighted governments continue anti-gaming (and thus anti-poker) policies for no discernable reason other than habit, and lump poker in with ‘house’ games like roulette. Their knee-jerk arguments hearken back to a day when going and having a flutter was thought to be a one-way ticket to hell. Today, folks […]

Feb 06
India Online Poker Karma

Speaking of “Bad Karma”, poker is right there when it comes to Indian mindsets. Well this is not to say that Hindus/Indians are not open to the idea of gambling. India has a long history of poker but it’s basically an underground scene (A speak easy sort of thing). Poker is now considered as one […]

Nov 02
Voting For Poker Rights

If you enjoy the right to play poker and are interested on how our country’s representatives would be rated regarding these rights, here is a link to the Poker Players Alliance “Congressional Ratings Website”, which breaks down and rates each representative by state. Here is the link: https://pokerdiy.com11/02/

Sep 14
Congressman Barney Frank Reintroduces the Payments Systems Protection Act HR 6870

It seems they have finally agreed that it was unfair to force U.S. financial institutions to implement a law that is unclear and Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) has reintroduced the Payments Systems Protection Act HR 6870 which is scheduled for mark up on Tuesday. BUT…and it’s a BIG BUT…The regulations that will continue to be […]

Sep 01
Which US Presidential Candidate is Better for Poker – Barack Obama or John McCain?

With the US Presidential election just about 2 months away I thought I’d bring political discussion to PokerDIY, by bringing up the poker question… Who would be better for the poker community should they be elected President – Barack Obama or John McCain? Personally I don’t think it matters either way with these two. The […]