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Jul 24
Evolution Of Poker Apps

Its not rigged! However, you can feel like the odds are against you. I call it ‘Emotional Tilt’ and it can lead you to blaming the villain for something a technology process performs. Also, the frequency of hands hitting more often happens. Playing in an environment that uses rake(game fee) in a global setting is […]

Apr 30
How Ludo Game Can Help You to Kill This Quarantine Time

The threat of deadly Covid-19 virus is increasing with each passing day. This has led to people stay quarantined to remain safe at home. The governments of all countries have imposed strict lockdown in order to save the lives of people. The online ludo game in quarantine is one of the most enjoyed by people […]

Apr 25
Top 5 Board Game Which Generates Good Revenue In Lockdown

Duration of covid19 lockdown and boredom is directly proportional to each other. The long hours of watching the ceiling and leaving people scratching their heads sparked the idea in the minds for the board game development programmers to keep you entertained. Board games not only keep you entertained by the built-in chat feature keeps you […]