Evolution Of Poker Apps

Its not rigged!

However, you can feel like the odds are against you. I call it ‘Emotional Tilt’ and it can lead you to blaming the villain for something a technology process performs. Also, the frequency of hands hitting more often happens. Playing in an environment that uses rake(game fee) in a global setting is only as credible as the union running it.

Have a crew or host a game online…

We had a home game before COVID…….we always knew about game apps like PPPoker but never used them! After the shutdown, we tried the global games on PPPoker and PokerBro’s but found the same issues online poker has dating back to pre ‘Black Friday’. Playing 10 hrs in a tournament and getting 1st place for $400 is not good ROI.

Hosting a game with people you know or invite solves that problem. It’s like a home game but with no, dealer, hostess etc;…..

Deepstack is the way!

Nano, micro and small stakes can be a bigger game than you expect when starting with 250BB. We found our 5-5 home game was just as easy to achieve in action playing 1-2BB at $500 max buyin. A member suggested going to 2-4 but this is deepstack. You jump $500 by adding $2 to the stakes. Having a table with $2500-$10,000 on a table of people you know is easy to do with the right crew.

Host a game with us, we are a SoCal based club and currently building a tournament structure with capped player pools and paying top 20-25%.

Check our profile on PokerDIY


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