How Ludo Game Can Help You to Kill This Quarantine Time

The threat of deadly Covid-19 virus is increasing with each passing day. This has led to people stay quarantined to remain safe at home. The governments of all countries have imposed strict lockdown in order to save the lives of people. The online ludo game in quarantine is one of the most enjoyed by people of different age groups. 

As we can see that people are using their smartphones more during lockdown to get entertained at home. Music and games are the best source of entertainment for people now. Online games are easy to install, download and play on Android as well as ios. 

When it comes to online games like Ludo, it always takes a person back to childhood memories associated with the thrilling game. You can enjoy ludo to pass this quarantine with friends or family at home. Well, there are different types of ludo games you can try that will thrill you to bits. The icing on cake is that it is very simple to learn playing this indoor game. 

Moreover, the entrepreneurs can also look forward to developing a ludo game in quarantine and it will increase the customers and revenues in no time. 

Let’s see the different types of ludo games: 

1 Ludo club game: 

Available on Android as well as ios, this enticing game has an impressive rating on the play store. Another advantage of this game is that it does not drink up your data when you play it online with friends. It is quite amazing to lure game lovers who are quarantined at home due to the global pandemic. 

2 Ludo classic: 

At the beginning, this particular game was rolled out on Android platform and later it was also available for ios. The gaming enthusiasts are attracted to the appealing user interface of this online game and they are enthralled while enjoying the game during lockdown. The movement of dice is another part that temps the online game aficionados to a lot of extent. Moreover, you are declared as the winner when the colored tokens you chose go to the prescribed place in the game, way before the other players. 

3 Ludo superstar game: 

Yet another gripping online ludo game is superstar. People of different age groups enjoy this game a lot. The best part about this game is the awesome rating that grabs the attention of game lovers in the blink of an eye. It has an attractive graphics which makes people enjoy it with family while chilling at home. Moreover, this is also said to consume minimal data when you enjoy playing it online. It is quite a simple game to play even for the beginner level people. Ludo is among the top games available to play for free. All you need is a smartphone and a network connection and voila! You are all set to play this game sitting anywhere. 

If you are also looking forward to developing the game with some unique feature, it is easy to contact ludo game developers and they will assist you throughout the development process.

Ludo: the most enjoyed online game on smartphone:

Game addicts have installed Ludo to pass this quarantine by being at home. It is exciting them a lot because it does not require more players. Maximum of 4 persons are required to play the game online. You can enjoy it with friends or family. The best part is that it is very easy to learn for any age group. The way a dice rolls in an online version of a ludo game, is a thrill for little kids. The game starts when the dice reads 6 or 1. And, the real amaze goes on until the winner is declared. 

Final words: 

So, now you know how ludo is one of the exciting games to enjoy this quarantine. Well, online games are ruling the markets in today’s date. People enjoy online games in lockdown because it is entertaining and relieves the stress in no time. If you are an entrepreneur and all set to launch your ludo game with some unique features, you can just contact ludo game developers and they will guide you next for creating a wonderful game that will lead to downloads at the speed of light and enhance good revenues.


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