PokerDIY-CD Poker Freeroll League – Tourney #18 Results

(Freeroll Match report by Sat_And_Went:

First of all I have to apologise to everyone I was speaking to at the tables last night… At about 10pm last night the whole street went on blackout and my pc went off, leaving people mid conversation with me!! If you thought I was ignoring you, that was not the case!!

I managed to see all the way up to 7th place, so if anyone has got the final standings, feel free to PM me to add to this report, also you will all need to CLICK HERE for you to claim your points for 6th place upwards, sorry guys

CDPOKER: 09/12/07

There was a great turnout for this game, 58 players for the rescheduled League Game #18.

I, (Sat_And_Went) was getting kind of nervous with Rod sitting just to my right, but it made no difference as the highest card I saw for 1/2 hour was an 8 so couldn’t get sucked into anything anyway!!

I held my own for quite a while considering the cards I was looking at, so when I got A6 and raised 3x Big Blind I thought it would have frightened people off. I should have been a lot more careful when stewz called. It was just us 2 in the hand when the flop came 6, Q, 7 and when I moved swiftly all-in hoping for a fold, my stomach churned when he quickly called, and dropped to the ground when he turned 7,7. My quick wish of runner, runner to keep me in the game did not come true and I had personally helped stewz to a larger stack, and well on his way to another final table to increase his lead at the top of the leaderboard. This would in fact not be the case as stewz left the competition in 13th place, knocked out by FunSeeker who hit trip 10’s compared to stewz two pair.

The final table consisted of 8 members, a sitout, and somone who should not have been with us, (but claimed to be a member at first before being rumbled and admitted to “illegally” obtaining the password).

The prize pool started at 8th position for this game, which was taken by a fine performance by FunSeeker and was very unfortunate to see his KK firstly flop trips, only to be outdrawn by the straight, (as it generally does to me!!)

DANILANG was short stacked, and found himself going all-in with A – 4 of clubs against the dubiously seated OlivierDasSilva’s 3 – 3, only to see the pocket pair hold up and put him out in 7th place.

Final Table:

Seat 1: chrisjaslo

Seat 2: OlivierDasSilvas – non member

Seat 3: zanePI


Seat 5: cityhunter333

Seat 6: BOGPOKER – sitout


Seat 8: xxr5ph5elxx – unknown member

Seat 9: SweedyNottz

Seat 10: FunJoker

For the people who have replied and claimed there points, THE RESULTS for this game are constantly being updated until FRIDAY 14th DECEMBER then I will add no more names!!

THE CURRENT LEAGUE TABLE is also active and will be final and binding on the same date, which as it stands is a 4 man game for the top placed position, with just $8 between 1st and 2nd place, and $27 between 1st and 4th!!

Looking forward to the GRAND FINAL on 23rd December!!


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