Server Upgrade – Possibly Downtime

Many of you have noticed that this site sometimes is a little slow and unresponsive (especially around Freeroll time!), so we are upgrading to a new, faster server!

The old site (pre 13th of Feb) was running on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) which means that the site shares virtual space on a physical server with other non-related websites. It has a virtual operating system (so it looks like your own server) but in reality there are a couple of virtual OSs all on the same physical box. This was good for a while but PokerDIY has grown a bit (yay!) and now it’s time to move to some faster hardware to make a more pleasent browsing experience.

Our new server is a brand new dedicated server – we are the only website running on it, so all that RAM/speed is just for PokerDIY! Hopefully you’ll notice a big speed improvement and the site will be more responsive. The move to the new site is due to start in a few hours (around 1am GMT) and I’ll probably spend the next day making sure everything is working and running correctly. There is a lot going on behind the scenes with a site move like this (DNS propagation, setting up domain names, email etc.).

So… in the next few hours PokerDIY might go down… this always causes me great grief but it’s for a good cause – please be patient and check back every couple of hours if this is the case. When it’s up again it will be better than ever (with less average downtime and timeouts!) Also – if you could hold off posting data for a day (12th of Feb) as there is a SMALL chance that some of the data will be lost. My host copies the database to the new server, but there is a small time in between where the site will be pointing at the old DB, so there is a chance some data will be stuck in the old database… (don’t worry about this too much though 😉


  • Upgrading the server would generally improved the performance of the network…so we understand that you’re updating your server just for the users/viewers satisfaction when navigating your site..and i think it really has improvement… good work..Dan

  • I’ve had a few occasions that the site was lagging when I was posting in the forum. It was coming and going, but seems ok now. Maybe that was on my end though considering you have a dedicated server.<br><br>A dedicated server will definitely make for a better user experience. I’m new here so I’m still looking around checking things out. I like what I see so far. PokerDIY is a very well put together site and has a lot of different areas for the users to take advantage of.

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