PokerDIY-Noble Poker Freeroll League – Tourney #5 Results

Another great game from the iPoker Network, this time coming from Noble Poker. With a great turnout of 24 die hard DIY’ers, and 3 “Special Guests”!

Noble Poker: 10/12/07

I (Sat_And_Went) had a relatively hard game considering my final position, with the cards I was getting dealt absolutely ludicrus at times!!
Coming into the second hour I could count the “call-able” hole cards without the aid of an abacus!!
Struggling to the final table with less than average stack, and currently in 9th place, I was expecting a quick exit, but the first to leave the table was ScottishSoul when his all-in bet with A8 was called by myovi3 and his AJ

With me down to 8th position at the table I made my move with 3-3, (I know!!) and put the trailing stack of zicky all-in with QK. Lady Luck was smiling down for once and my 3’s held, building my stack by almost double and putting a non-member out in 8th.

RayoculebrAA was my next “victim” shortly afterwards when he was pot-commited with his Big Blind and left with only 70 chips to call my raise with AK, but must have felt his Q8 would possibly pay dividends. He collected his 8th place prize as the community cards did him no favours and my Ace High carried me through.

The second of 3 non-members, was the next to leave the table as ThaBalla pushed his stack with A-5 off suit, reluctantly, but beautifully, called by alexander333 and his QJ to find a Q show her face on the board, and raise a smile too, for our members’.

Unfortunately, his luck was soon to run out, and alexander333 would soon leave the table in 6th position as his A-2 diamonds would face up to bruckner3 and his pocket 9’s, which sharply became trips..

Arjonn was next on the hit-list for bruckner3 (who seemed could not put a foot wrong), and showed QQ to kill off the deflated A9

myovi played a great game, but after a few unlucky hands found himself short stacked and went out in 4th place, to leave me in the top 3!!

I changed gear and built my stack to 20,000+ and chip leader for a short time, before I got the “Curse of Reshave” and lost a lot of chips with a foul run of bad luck, including calling the all-in of A8 by bruckner3 (with my A10) only to see the river show 8 and put me almost all-in myself in the very next hand, my BB… K4, I pushed my stack, closed my eyes and hoped for the best… bruck calls and shows 8-9 off suit, which earns a pair for him as the board does me no favours, making him chip leader and me bronze medalist.

The heads up between bruckner3 and the final non-member, (dominique12), was a relatively short affair, lasting 2 hands, when pocket 6’s from the “new face” was called by JJ which was jusifiably won by our own bruckner3 bringing the Gold Medal home to PokerDIY.

Final Positions and Current League Standings:

10 – ScottishSoul
9 – zickybv
8 – rayoculebrAA
7 – ThaBalla
6 – alexander33
5 – Arjonn
4 – myovi3
2 – dominique12
1 – bruckner3

Looking forward to the GRAND FINAL of our Noble Poker games, on Monday 17th December 2007 at 20:00 GMT.

Just a word of warning… if the current top 3 fail to make the points, and I can better this weeks 2nd place, I will be top of the leaderboard, but in the same respect, so could zane (as there is only $26 between 1st place and 5th place)… no pressure then!!!


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