Auto Poker League Scoreboard Reports to Players

Poker league scoreboard reports are now sent by default automatically whenever your scoreboard changes.

This saves you as the poker league owner having to manually send a leaderboard update after each game.

Reports are queued up and sent 6 hours or so after the last game (this is to make sure that all the games are finished for a night – for example, if you play 2 games on a night you do not want to send a scoreboard report immediately after the first one). Games have to be active and there must be non-hidden players in a game in order for the report to be sent.

One situation where you might want to send a manual report is when you want to include some custom message about the game or league. In this case you will need to do the report within 6 hours after the game. The auto-scoreboard reporting will check if you have sent it manually so you will not get duplicates.

You can turn this feature off for your poker league by editing your league but we recommend leaving it on as the scoreboard report is very useful to your players to keep them interest in your league!

Auto Poker League Scoreboard Reporting

The scoreboard report will also update your poker league Twitter account if you have set this up for your league.

Note: Auto scoreboard reports only go to active season players (league members who have played at least one game for the current season). If you wish to send a report to all league members you can do this manually as before.

Reports are sent on behalf of the poker league owner as Private Messages (your players can opt not to receive email notifications about this).


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