One of the lesser known online poker brands that is now available on the internet is the PKR poker room, which is offering a new and exciting experience to its players, and thus hoping to pull in new ones. The PKR poker room promises that it is the most advanced poker room of its kind on the internet, because of its 3D graphics and very much improved picture quality. One look at the homepage suggests that this might be true, and that the PKR poker room might be worth more than just a second glance –online poker fans who are also interested in graphics, computers and animation will definitely think so, in any case.

Aside from being the most advanced poker room in the world, the PKR poker brand is also a lot more generous than many of its rivals, in that it offers a much larger deposit bonus. New player logging on to the PKR poker room can expect to have their first deposits match 100%, meaning that whatever money they set down in their first deposit will be doubled completely for free, and they will therefore have  double the amount of time to play poker and other games for free on the site. A large number of sites offer 100% deposit bonuses, however, what makes PKR different is that their limit is $800 –much higher than on most sites, where the small print says that deposit bonuses ar5e only valid up to a couple of hundred pounds or dollars.

The PKR poker room offers a very large number of bonuses and rewards for its players, as part of its VIP scheme. The scheme works in a basic way, in that players who have deposited certain amounts of money or played various amounts of games will be rewarded with extra offers and prizes.


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