Times running out on your chance to earn a free bankroll

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We are looking for poker players to beta test our new online client software. As a reward, we now offer freerolls up to four times every hour. The prize pools will be ranging from $10 to $1,000; the latter will be conducted 20:00 (CET) the 1st of every month!

The beta winnings you win in the freerolls is our ‘bonus’ to you for helping us test our software; and they can be converted to real dollars when we launch in May 2010!




We will soon be implementing leader boards with a wide variety of special prizes and promotions and we will also host big tournaments with IP restriction for specific countries.

The Monthly 1000$ Freeroll will be conducted this Sunday, the 14th of March.  In order to prevent people from just registering without actually showing up to participate in the event; registration will open 1 hour in advance. So be there in time!

New Freeroll Schedule:

(everything is in GMT+1)

25$ Freerolls every third hour (00:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00)

20$ Freerolls at the top of the hour from 13:00-01:00

10$ Freerolls every fifteen minutes from 11:00-01:00 and every half hour from 01:00-11:00

250$ Freerolls every day at 20:00

1000$ Freerolls every first of the month at 20:00


To take part in our beta, there are 3 simple steps

1: Click here to visit our download site and download our beta client
2: Install and chose Create New Account at the login screen
3: In the field marked Referral Code, enter the code betafr – this will ensure you have access to all of our beta freerolls and will grant you a 50% rakeback bonus when we go live!!


NOTICE! USA players are not prohibited from playing on our Beta version; but we recommend against it, because USA players will not be able to convert their ‘Beta Winnings’ to real money.


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