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Jan 25
The Best Poker Online Reliable

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Mar 24
Mike Matusow and Ted Forrest Enter Into An Unusual Prop Bet

If you follow the poker world closely, you should know that Ted Forrest is known for his outlandish prop bets. Well, on Sunday, Forrest and Matusow entered into a prop bet of their own, and it will be interesting to see whether or not Matusow can win the bet. According to Matusow, it will be […]

Mar 24
Betting the Right Amount

The size of your bets in no-limit poker is a critical aspect of your strategy. When to bet and how much to bet depends on your goal in the hand. Consider the situation including your hand, the board, your opponent’s hand, how the hand has been played so far, your opponent’s playing style, the size […]

Mar 24
9 Tips for Low Level Cash Games

1) Internet poker affords players the opportunity to play for real money at stakes far lower than are generally available in traditional casinos. At the very low end are Omaha and Hold’em games with $0.02/$0.04 betting structures, while the upper end of low-limit is generally considered to be a $4/$4 structure. This can be both […]

Mar 24
Top 10 best poker players without a WSOP bracelet

I’ve broken this column up into three sections to differentiate between players with a long history of bad luck, and players who just haven’t won yet –I’ve also set aside a third category for one superstar player who I’ll start calling Dan Marino or Charles Barkley! Long-Time Pros with no WSOP Jewelry • Marcel Luske […]

Mar 24
Quiz 1: Ace-Jack out of position in a multiway pot

The Situation: You are playing a full ring $2/$4 NL Hold 'em cash game at your local casino. So far, play has been very loose, with lots of pre-flop raises and mostly multi-way pots. Player A makes it $15 to go from middle position. The cutoff and the button, who both have deep stacks and […]

Mar 14
Tony G: French poker players worst in the world

PartyPoker pro Tony G continues to stir emotions with his provocative proclamations and constant challenges. In his newest blog, the Lithuanian discusses France and the standards of its poker players. Tony G has become known for his provocative declarations and constant challenging of the poker status quo, often delivered through his personal mouthpiece at the […]

Dec 01
Book Giveaway! “Reading Poker Tells”

Beginning Dec. 5, 2012 until Dec. 18, 2012, we're taking entries for our giveaway of several copies of “Reading Poker Tells” by Zachary Ellwood. Zach will be signing the copies given out. We have a full post with all rules, etc. up here. Take a look, enjoy and good luck!! Check out our latest podcast […]

Sep 25
Beating Up on the Weak Player

from the Daniel Negreanu Poker Newsletter If someone describes your playing style as weak, you’re in lots of trouble. You’d better make changes to your game quickly to shed that reputation. If you want to win at the poker table, focus on the weak players. Rather than duke it out with stronger, aggressive players, you’ll […]

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May 19
Enterra Poker Desktop Software Update for the best online gaming experience and higher profits for Poker Business Owners

Enterra, software development company, today announced the latest poker software platform update and the new features that came with it. There are several changes concerning tournaments, system security and in general more than 30 enhancements for both Client and Server. Most of the features designed from the player’s perspective were applied to Client. In order […]