Thanks so much to all of you for your input and comments. Its all really much appreciated. I am still waiting to hear back from that big bank. I really do want the job…….

So I have been playing alot of sng’s (double or nothing). I am not sure which fits better the turbos, or regulars. I know that you can play more turbos, and make more money. The turbos seem to be more of a gamble and a luck fest. I’ve been reading up on sng’s and they say you have to know the other players. How can that be. I have seen this one guy, and others playing close to 40 tables. How in the heck can you be playing the player. Believe me I know all about multi tabling.

So far playing the regulars tables I have 84 games in my pocket with a ITM of 60%. I think my goal will be to win 500.00 and then move up to the 10.00 tables. Ive been avg about 30 games a day, mostly 6 at a time. If you guys have any strategy posts guides let me know. Cya


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