I Give Up…..I Surrender

It’s over, atleast for now. I am quitting NL cash games. Just when I thought I was moving forward, and I was. Who hit the Doomswitch and why?

I had just got a handle on restealing, positional poker, stealing, 3 betting and Cbet. All were showing profits. I even had profits in the SB over 1,000’s of hands. I say WOW.

But Nooooo………….I lose 1/2 my bankroll in 2 days. Guess how I l lose it! I lose it at showdown. I only play 50BB (can you imagine if I bought in for 100BB—-can u say broke). I had a good strategy of only playing top pair, top kicker and overpairs to the board. This amount enabled me to Preflop bet, Pot the flop, and then pot the turn, and I was done, That’s all I had….no river play. Bad beat upon Bad beat…one after the other. It was relentless. I mean c’mon…I usually had the best hand pre and or on the flop. I still cannot win. DONE…

So what do I do now….Play sit and go’s. I guess so. Yep, thats what I will blog about…or maybe I will get lucky and land the job I applied for with a big bank. Cya


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