Lost My Poker Database…I Hate PostgreSQL

Man, I am not even sure I know what the heck postgreSQL is , and what it does. All I know was when I was playing 50,000 to 80,000 hands a month pokertracker stopped working. It seems that Microsoft has a maximum storage capability that most users are not even aware of. Well if you play a ton of poker and save your hands you will eventually run out space.

In comes postgreSQL, again…no one told me, and all of sudden I have to use this in order to keep playing as I do. What crap…..so its been 2 years and a over a million hands combined with holdem, and omaha. I finally lost my database and now going thru hell. Yeah pokerstars can send me every hand, except that they send it in the larges zipped file you ever saw, and of course it crashes my computer….MR UPSET TRULY


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