Short Stack Poker Winner/Deep Stack Poker Loser

I noticed a few comments on my blog the other day regarding short stacking cash game players. I will not defend my style of play, I dont have to. I am a loser at deep stack poker, maybe cause I am not sufficienty rolled to even play 25NL, ( I have 40 full buy ins, and 200 short stack buy ins) any lower buy ins seems to be a waste of time to me because I want to make money playing poker, and will do so any way I can. Getting stacked for a full buy 2 or 3 times a day is enough to destroy me mentally and emotionally. I am a winning player long term now thanks to short stacking. We all know that short stacking if done properly is just another winning style of poker, like LAG, and TAG…..Its hard to defend against too. If you dont like playing with them there are deep stack tables available. ( I really dont understand why there are deep stacks still playing with short stacks, and why some tables are 90% short stackers) Just doesnt make sense, but still………….

I will say this, short stacking has made me think about the next steps from here. I am beginning to question post flop play now. I have become a thinking player and realize that I have to been able to learn post flop play even short stacking. I am not a short stacker that shoves every single hand, I lay traps, I bully, and I bluff…..isnt that called poker? Can we still be friends


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    January 7, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Im a short stacker too, and deep player, depending on my mood. Theres nothing wrong with playing that way, dont worry about it. Its a free country, and everyone can implement their own strategies.

    Most people dont short stack because they think its boring to have the nuts and just win 20 bb. Good luck!

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