Running breakeven at 10NL

Hey all.

This week I played 7-8k hands since last update. I was planning grinding on 5NL for quite a bit (for 30k hands …. played 11k hands so far). But the thing is that I’ve been on an heater/crushing (I guess… ?) and my BR went up to 300$.

Usually (in the past) when moving up in stakes I try to have at least 25 BI for the next level. So instead of grinding 20k more hands at 5NL I told myself I could move up to 10NL since I had 30BI.

Played 2,8k hands so far and lost about a BI and a half. This is quite different from the 14,5 BB/100 I was at 5NL. The play is not that much trickier, I just got into those REALLY annoying spots on the river, like having Q high flush on the A high flush board, got AI vs the K high flush! Also lost a BI to a guy whose line didn’t make any sense at all. The guy was playing 40/7 I reraised some1 preflop ,that donk calls.
He crushed my AK (pair of king on flop) with 74o making a str8. I was like WTF, how could that guy called my 3Bet with this crap OOP! Actually I do want this guy to call me all day with these types of hands :D. I also had a set over set on flop , normal cooler.

Overall I’m pretty happy to where my BR is standing considering these hands. I also made some AWESOME sick read on some players. I think I never felt that much confident in my game right now! And over that ~3k hands, I managed to get my non-showdown winning over 0 which is a world’s first for me. I learned how to C-Bet better, when to bluff against certain types of players and etc.

Also, I am currently considering making silverstar this month on PS. I started at 2NL since 3th august so I didn’t really made any VPP, but since moving up to 10NL I think it might be possible since I’ve got 10 days left. As for now I’m standing at 442.22 VPP and I need 757.78 more to make silverstar. I guess that means there’ll be alot of poker for me over the next week and a half 😀

Wish me luck at 10NL 😀


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