Kudos Rod ! Venture Into the the 50BB tables

First things first, Rod thanks.
I Spent the night (free) at the MGM, and getting 200.00 per meal free, anything I want to eat 3X a day for 3 days (600 a day) What a life. Man you cant beat it. So I thought I would give the live short stacking another shot there, I KILLED it man….They are horrible players. Its so obvious that I am short stacking the table and they still give me stupid ridiculous calls and triple me up. So far I only managed to table change twice, dont have the balls to 3 table, so afraid I will I get caught. I think I will go back to my regular Thurs thru Sat nites raiding the tourists at the MGM.

Here is an update for the month end short stacking, up like 300, I did manage to get in over 189,000 for the month but that is over different levels and different games. So I am capable of getting in the 200,000 hands over 2 months, but not the money I wanted to make.

Back to my thoughts, I lost 30 bucks in the a.m shortstacking the 25NL, first up, then down. I then realized how much work it was at 5.00 a shot to make it back let alone break even. I ventured into the 10.00 tables (50NL) and noticed that all the tables (that were not min 50BB tables) were filled with SS’s and there was no way I could play profitably there.
So I started to research a 50BB strategy, and then came the SPR-read “professional no limit hold em” an awesome book. I read a few posts regarding the 50BB and the SPR and decided to give it a shot. I discovered one thing you will appreciate (They stack off just as easy) I looked at the top ten hands and for the 5.00 game I had hit them 43X for a measely 6.00, and when I looked at the same hands for the 50BB there were only 10X but at 43.00 -HOLY BAT MOBILE, hold the phone, theres something wrong here…..Nope, just alot more money for the same hands, played basically the same way….so here it goes, we’ll see. cya


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