Or hows about frustration to the max. I guess that is poker huh. It all started 3 days ago I lose 3.5 buy ins short stacking 25NL and say what a waste of time (this has been my bread butter for weeks now) I devise a way to play the the 50bb 50NL games using partly a short stack strategy. Day one I break even, Day 2 I lose 6 buy ins. Then I lose all my baseball bets. Then I have my first losing day at the MGM short stacking (no big deal, I’m way ahead) Its not my play thats bad (I think) MGM I run my AK into two players, AA, and 99….The 99 wins when it comes runner, runner spades and he is the only one with a spade.

Yesterday I revert back to 25NL playing 3,000 hands and I am really happy initial cause I run it up to 12.5 buyins, continue to play and break even…Thats what started this crap. I didnt quit though till I was ahead again.

With short stacking I seem to lose obviously when I run into KK, AA….or I have the best of it preflop and the morons (these morons are my bread and butter, and I love them dearly) hit their 2 outers and take it down. Most of the time when that does happen I do get it back. Back to the short stacking 25NL grind, atleast its on a full stomach. cya


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