A Look at the Top Canadian Poker Players

Poker is one of the most favored card games on both real and virtual bases and there is no doubt that any pokerhead must have a favorite poker player (or players).
There are many memorable and big-name players out there playing in the top tournaments and funny enough, many of them happen to be Canadians.
Here we dig into the top Canadian poker players who became rich and famous thanks to their poker skills. We’re talking about regular table poker games and not the highly popular video poker games that are found at the Canadian-favorite Spin Online Casino which is a great choice for those who prefer to play from the comfort of their PC or mobile devices.

Poker is not solely based on luck. There is still a good skill element needed and our list includes only those that have made a name for themselves based on their skill and not just likeability. These guys know their game well and are ridiculously good at it.

Daniel Negreanu

 Daniel is actually a Canadian poker player who doesn’t take out the top for having the most winnings worldwide but comes close.Daniel Happens to be the third most productive game player around the globe. Negreanu’s winnings topped just over $18 million. The recent victory was in 2013 where he took first place in the Asia-Pacific Melbourne Tournament. First place was well over $1million. This is a man who can still do damage to those sitting at the table.

Even when he doesn’t finish first,he still captures the six-figure scores. The best year for Daniel was 2004 where he took away $4.4 million. The year 2000 was the worst year when he took out only $10,000 in winnings.

Jonathan Duhamel

This is a man you might refer to as the Canadian Poker star who won the main event bracelet at the World Series OfPoker in 2010. The first place award saw him take home $8.9 million. Daniel was best with another Canadian, Matthew Jarvis, who finished in the 8th spot, winning him $1 million. However, Johnathon Duhamel is not one of those one-hit-wonders. The Canadian poker player came from Quebec and managed to grasp the second spot of Canadian pro poker competitors.

During 2013 Duhamel ended up with over half a million, which came from tournaments alone. This was not too bad for a finance major that did not make it through to the second year of studies. Johnathon says he favors the cash games instead of the tourneys. Imagine what he is making at the tables today!

2010 was the best year for him, with $8.9 million winnings worldwide. The worst year for Duhamel would have to be 2006, where he came out with justin winnings.

Sorel Mizzi

This is the name of the man who needs to be hailed for his online poker playing. Sorel is from Toronto and has so far won over $7 million in tournaments and around $2million using online tournaments. Mizzi Took out several online poker award winnings, such as being named the Bluff player of the year for 2010. The best year was 2013 where he earned over $3million in winnings worldwide. Unfortunately, 2006 was not such a good time to only walk away with $51,000 in payouts.


There are many great and well-known poker players out there. The poker mind is a powerful, disciplined mind. You need perseverance, patience, the will to always be open-minded, always striving to make good with the information you have. You must never get emotional and possess a mind that is constantly calculating. Not everyone can do this, and those who can have trained themselves to have a strong poker mind which can pay off.


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