Woweee…..So yesterday I lost again in my shortstack quest for 5,000 in 60 days. This made by two day loosing streak (7,345 hands) just over 306.00

As you recall I lost in live play and my baseball pics too. I won all my bets yesterday on baseball for a small profit over the last 2 days-YES

So yesterday afternoon, I am thinking to take a break from quest at which currently I have this month over 39,000 hands, and up 444.00. I started to play some Omaha, first HiLo, and that didnt seem to work out, so I jumped to 6 max Hi and lo and behold over 4 hours I won over 279.00,,,,,,,,can you believe it.

So now my bankroll is still pretty much intact and just need to figure what my next step is. It doesnt seem like 5,000 will be doable, nor the 200,000 hands. I have not given up yet.

Oh by the way, got free tickets to go to Ceasars Palace and see the B-52’s….Should be a great show, its in the club called Pure, so its a really small place. Have I given away my age….LOL….cya


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