Getting Ready For Your 1st Ladies Night Poker Game

You have seen all of the Poker shows on t.v., your husband or boyfriend plays poker every week and now you want to Host a Ladies Poker Night. A trend that is becoming more and more popular throughout the U.S. There are certain things that you need to Host a Poker Game, and I will go through them with you now.

Because their may be many different skill levels at your 1st Home Game, it is a good idea to let everyone know what the rules are, what hands beat what, and some basic betting strategy. The easiest thing to do is to hang up the poster titled: All In- A Quick Guide To Poker Poster. This is large enough that everyone will be able to see it from their spot at the table, and will help to move the game along,

You will definitely need a set of quality poker chips. The best ones are made from clay, and the 2 top choices would be the Nexgen or Paulson Chips. The Paulson chips are used in casinos nation-wide. The most common type of chips are the composite material chips and these usually will say 11.5 gr. chip. Along with the chips, you should get some sort of carrying case…either aluminum, wood, or acrylic, and get some chip trays.

The next thing that you will need will be some cards. It is not a great idea to play poker with the cards that you get at a dollar store, or to use paper cards. The reason for this is that they will rip, tear, get bent out of shape, and if a drink spills on them, they are ruined. That is why you need to get cards made from PVC. The 2 top brands are Copag, and Kem. While the price is higher than the paper cards, you will be able to use the same decks week after week instead of replacing them thus making them the much better value.

You will need a place to play. A great starting point would be to use a table layout that will just sit on your table and look like a poker table. The next step up, and a great choice are the folding tables. Some of these will come with padded arm rests and cup holders. The obvious benefit of the folding table is that you have an authentic look and feel while you are playing but it will fold up for easy storage or for transport to next weeks Host Home. Finally if you want your Home Game to look and feel like an authentic casino experience then you Need to get the Full Size Casino Quality Poker Table.

There are some other things that you will need like a Dealer Kit. This will include a Dealer Button, Small and Big Blind Buttons as well as the missed blind button and the kill button. It also includes some chip spacers just like in the casino. You may also want to have a Tournament Timer to keep track of time between increasing blinds. Some people use a card cover/spinner to protect your cards. You need to let other players know that you are in the hand, and they should not take your cards. Some people use a coin, or a pre-fab cover/spinner while others use a bobblehead or something that is important to them (pic.of a kid) You can search for each of these items individually, or head over to Executive Gaming Monthly(EGM) is the first Casino Game of the Month Gift Club, and has 6 different complete Poker Packages in 3 different price points.

EGM’s packages include everything that you need to Host Your Own Game all in one place. We hand pick the highest quality products for each of the packages, so all you need to do is provide the most important thing—FOOD.


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