Casino Affiliate Programs Are Dwindling…..How Do I Replace That Revenue

Has your casino affiliate program revenue decreased because of the mass exodus of the online casinos from the U.S.? Are you looking for a way to keep your affiliate stream flowing with fresh customers who are interested in the casino industry in general? When you look to replace those $$ it will benefit you in the long run to keep your customers coming back to your site, so when the iGaming landscape changes, which it must, your customers can re-join your high paying iGaming affiliates.

When looking for that program you must be careful to choose one that will:

1) Compliment the other programs that you have to keep the same look and feel.

2) Be a program that you have unlimited earning potential in( sounds kind of like an iGaming affiliate)

3) Be a program that will appeal to a large demographic.

4) Be a program that will help you to keep the revenue going until the iGaming climate shifts and

5) It should be fun—offer affiliate contests and incentives.

6) It will make you $$$$

7) It should be a program from a market leader with a unique product or service.

To try to find a program like that could be a nightmare consisting of extensive, time consuming research followed by the disappointment that we have all felt when you give valuable space, not to mention the advertising time and $ to a program and it produces little or no results. Most people know that iGaming affiliate programs pay nicely. Compared with the ring-tone affiliates (of which I was one…at the beginning), that pay out $5/per back in the day. Or the other ring-tone affiliate that paid as low as a couple of pennies depending on where in the world it was sold.

You could go through the nightmares that I endured, or you could join an affiliate that will accomplish all of these things for you, while keeping you involved in the gaming industry. An affiliate program like that would be worth space on my site. the First Ever Casino Game of The Month Club. EGM offers you all of these benefits without all of the research. Monthly gift clubs are all over the place…cigar of the month, wine of the month, beer of the month, even caviar of the month. The reason for this is that they are a proven marketing system with a guaranteed month to month revenue stream. When a customer places an order for a 6 month package, your revenue stream is gauranteed for the next 6 months(corresponding to the monthly shipment).

So if you are looking for a quality affiliate that can help you to maintain or exceed past revenue, check out and see why it is a worthy affiliate program. Or just contact me directly at [email protected].

Have Fun!


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