Forgot to tell you all that we went to another free show this past weekend, saw Johnny Lang-unbelievable guitarist. I highly recommend you see him if comes to your town. He opened for George Thorogood and Destroyers, he did all his hits….Bad to the bone, I drink alone, and so on. Gotta love the free concerts here in Vegas.

Back to poker. So I asked the Kiwi Kid to help me out on my SSS. He did a spread sheet for the hands to play blind on blind, button, and cutoff. I didnt know but these are hands to played if no one has limped in front and I had been playing them regardless (but not to an open raise). These extra hands also help me open my range, so as not to be so polarized with the top ten hands.

My poker discussion group wants to know how different the outcomes are if I open raise 6XBB or just shove pre. I will start recording and figure out which does better.

I only got in 6.5 hours yesterday (was hoping for 8 hrs) and I discovered my starting hands won a WHOPPING 52 cents each hand played on an avg. Holy crap! I will see if this continues today. cya


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