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Scoreboard reports & your league on your own blog/Facebook

Sept 29, 2009

Scoreboard Reports and Stats

Hi League Host,

As a poker league owner on PokerDIY we thought you’d be interested in some features we’ve added recently:

You can now send a personalised scoreboard report to your players. They will get an email with their rank, points/cash and a summary of the top 3 places of the leaderboard. Read more…

Personalized email

Your scores on your blog/Facebook

Put your league scoreboard or player stats on your own website/blog or Facebook profile! Wherever you see the Share button on PokerDIY it means you can add this poker widget to your own site.

Read more about our poker widgets, see a demo blog with a PokerDIY scoreboard or view our Facebook Scoreboard app.

League Deputies

You can now assign league members to admin your league. Read more.

Add Players via Email

It’ even easier to add your league members to PokerDIY with our Contact Importer. Connect to Gmail/Outlook/Hotmail & add many players at once.

Compare Features

Check out the different poker league websites and compare different features or suggest an enhancement.

Do you use TD?

PokerDIY integrates with STM, Dr Neau and Tournament Director. Publish your poker league results with a few clicks!

PokerDIY Fanclub Page

Twitter Page

Have you seen PokerDIY on your iPhone/Mobile?

You can now update your poker league scores on your iPhone or browse poker leagues, player profiles and scores from your mobile! Check out from your phone or read more about PokerDIY Mobile here.


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