DoNs, Turbos, & STT’s, MTT’s Gamesm

Okay since last sunday (1 week) I got 164 sit and go’s done. I started out with the regular DoNs, then tried some DoN turbos. I discovered that even when you doulbe up in turbo early, it still may not be enuff to carry you thru. You have less hands and have to shove, and steal way sooner than a regular sit and go.

Then I started the 2 and 3 table sit and gos. I hit the jackpot dudes!!!! I know its still early, but a great start.

87 reg DoNs ROI 6.4%, ITM 57.5% for a profit of $30.20

24 turbo DoNs ROI -11.9%, ITM 45.8% and a loss of$14.80

31 2 Table regulars ROI 52.89%, ITM 32.3% for a profit of $87.05

22 3 Table regulars ROI 50.00%, ITM 31.8% for a profit of $56.70…….

So this is thru last saturday. Since them I have doubled my profits and the 2 table tournies, and lost 1/2 my profit in the 3 table tournies. I also noticed that in my 2 table tourneys I have only bubbled out 4X in 58 games. I was thinking of quitting the 3 tables, and concentrate on the 2 tables, and get more games in. Having fun, cya


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