We recently had a performance issue on PokerDIY due to the amount of new poker leagues being created.

After tracking it down to a file system issue we had to temporarily remove the ability to change your poker league logo. The good news is that it is now fixed and easier than ever to upload your own image for your poker league!

The Upload functionality is easier to use and looks like this:

Customizing your homer poker league logo

 (This example is the Sydney Poker League logo)

So if you have not yet customized your own poker league then now is a good to time to try it out! If you are a poker league owner then you can edit your poker league here. If you have not yet created a league then check it out here.

Poker leagues without uploaded logos will display the default poker league logo which looks like this…

Default poker league logo

As usual, please submit your Feature Requests (for poker league enhancements OR any section of the PokerDIY website) and let us know if you have any feedback.


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