Okay, I am doing so well at the multi table sit and go’s I thought the strategy would really help me at the single tables again and see if there was an improvement ……NOT…………

So what I related is that I can make it to the bubble no sweat, its actually pretty easy for me (single table that is) so the issue arises making it past the bubble, and then making it past 3rd.  Here are some numbers, your thoughts as usual is much appreciated.

Sat and Sun I played 38 sit and go’s, made it to the bubble 21 times (pretty good huh) only made the money 12 times with 3rd 7 times, 2nd 2 times, and first 2 times-pretty bad huh.

So do you get real active on the bubble or do you bide your time.  I hear so much about  both strategies and dont know which is applicable as everyone knows about them.  I started to improve alot late yesterday as I was reading Neil Timothy  “How to beat sit and go poker tournaments”  which really helped me alot in the late stage play, and the bubble.  I am almost ready to give up the single table and head back to multi table sng, and double my bankroll again.  HELP


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    October 5, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    Man I have SO much trouble playing the bubble now days, after all that hard work the thought of going out as the “bubble boy” makes me play too weak. If I’m over-aggro and bust out I feel stupid.

    I need to find that fine line somehow

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