Any Sit And Go Suggestions?

After I posted my graph yesterday I made another 117.00 thru this a.m. which has officially doubled my bankroll since losing alot of it last month playing the cash games YIPPPPEEEE.  Going to a free show this afternoon, no music,  just a magic show for a change.

Okay.  My sets currently consist of 4 5.00 2 table tourney, with 2 10.00 2 table tourney, along with 2 5.00 3 table tourney for a total of 8 games per set.  It can take up to 1/2 an hour to load all 8 games as the multi table games only go once at a time unlike the single tables where there is always a game open with no player regardless how many are ready to start.  I then takes up to another 1 1/2 hours to complete my set.  Seems like a long time to me.  I gave up playing turbos, and the double or nothings.  I seem to be killing the multi table sng’s.

Whats a good roi, itm for multi table tournies?  All Ideas, and suggestions acknowledged.  Thanks all


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