A little about me for my new blog home. Back in Jan 08 I joined Cardrunners, learned a ton and grew exponetially. I really never grasped 6 max so I remain a Full Ring player.

Later in 08 I made Supernova on Stars. Atleast 3 times I ran my minimal bankroll to over 3,000 and lost it every time. Thats about to change. I have no job currently and hope to grind out 2,500 to 5,000 hands a day, and when not playing online, I will be on the Las Vegas Strip playing in the local card rooms.

For live play, its Omaha, there are two local card rooms. One for High, and one for low with maybe one or two more that carry it once in awhile. Online, it’s holdem. Why? Well I will never make Supernova playing Omaha (Full Ring) as there are not enough games going to sustain my quest. Alternative is to mass table Holdem, using a short stack strategy. I know, I know, I know you say Short Stacking? Yes, I will be a winning player via short stacking. I will track my hands, wons, losses, hours, and dollars here.

Since 7/7/09 I have played 21,264 hands for around 30 hours with a profit of $454.45(avg of 5 hours a day)(I need to increase my hours) I started at 25NL (18,253 hands) and now have moved up to 50NL (3013 hands) I have made more with 50NL and less hands than 25NL but am sure things will change, as nothing remains the same in poker. I am glad to be here and will post daily at a minimum, and record all my play. Thanks for listening! Cya


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