How I have robbed Pokernews

I really love the sites that give away free money without any requirements. Recently I took $25 from PokerNews in some stupid Partypoker promotion. I’ve participated in similar promos before, but I had to read lots of articles and answer some difficult quiz questions there. Pokernews does not seem to require any tests. They just give the money away for nothing.

How I do know about this? Well, when I signed up I have provided them with a photo and an email came back saying that my photo was inappropriate. Strange, as I did not send my naked picture 😉 Then I started writing them and a lovely support girl told me that she was transferring the money herself to everyone from her Pokernews account. This means that Pokernews give the money from their own pocket as they also promise additional $25 from PartyPoker if you play something.

Why did I say that I’ve robbed them? Pokernews have this requirement to download PatryPoker using their link. I had my Party account for a long time already (do not remember where I have downloaded it from) and most probably it was not from Pokernews. Of course, I have never deposited any money, so I downloaded it once again, created a new account, added the bonus code from their site and filled the registration form. And they have transferred me the money! I, unfortunately, lost it immediately, so there’s no way they could benefit from me. And somehow I do not feel like cheating, despite the promo rule that 1 person can only have 1 PartyPoker account.

Are there any other promos where I could get some free money? If so, it would be great to list them and see if it is worth 5 minutes of download and registration.


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