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Hey Guys,

So here it is – my 1st ever blog period!

I would like to firstly start by saying a warm welcome to all my future fellow readers…(all 1 of you most probably – myself hehe 🙂

Also a huge amount of gratitude to PokerDIY for producing such a cracking site !

So after years of being a Poker affiliate ever since making the transition from “real job” to the virtual card rooms grinding it out I met many great influences along the way – some good some very good, some bad & some totally awful !

The ingredients to success though for me has never changed – be of service to many and try and improve a poker players life by making solutions to solve their problems.

When I first started out on my quest for greatness within the Poker Affiliate World a website was not required to gain customers – back in 2005 “rakeback” was a very very new term and also you could be really old school back then and plug your offerings on the tables.

So given I could play poker back then – and winning wasn’t so hard back before poker education sites such as card runners was taking off I figured I could use my credibility as a known reg on the tables and use this to sell them on the idea of switching sites for a rakeback deal.

I very quickly seen that this method was working beautifully and put a plan together of simply playing poker with the view in mind not to profit but simply to break even and use the table time to recruit players.

Worked perfectly and over the next 6 months without holding anything back my group grew from 1 player to 100 players and a $60,000 a month turnover with a very healthy margin as the rakeback market was nowhere near as competitive as it is now.

3 years on and how the poker world and affiliate world has changed….

Margins shrunk thanks to new affiliates coming on working on margins as low as 0.5% !!!

Sadly I have heard many a story of bad experiences with poker affiliates and this has been why I probably still to this day have the same players and sub affiliates to this day.

I leave todays 1st blog post with the following quote from a writer called wayne dyer who said:

“The universe is very precise & gives people exactly what they deserve. If your message to the world is gimmmie gimmie gimmie the universe will repeat that mantra back and ask you to gimmie gimmie gimmie & leave you feeling always in a state of never having enough.

The moment you say to the Universe and everyone in it how may I serve you the universe will give you everything you ask for”

Its this very thing that I have tried to do when being of service to poker players.

If you are new to poker and want to kick start your journey online allow me to offer you my services and see my site as a “one stop shop” for all your rakeback, rake races and loyalty scheme needs with the ability to “cash out” your rakeback on demand when you want at:


We have offerings for all of the biggest networks online including:

Cake Network
Boss Media

Feel free to send me a message here and I will be happy to answer anyones questions regarding anything poker related but please note:

I cannot cure tilt and I am no expert in avoiding bad beats 🙂

Bye for now !



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