Hey Guys,

I’m new on here and just figuring out how this site works. I play mostly no limit hold-em but starting to play horse. I love playing tournaments and also play a lot of cash games. I play cash games as small as $100 buy in to $500 buy ins. I play at my friends cash game in Hollywood about 4 nights a week and when I’m not playing there you will often see me at the Commerce Casino playing the $200 or $ 400 table.

I really want to find some more players in the area or out of state to chat with discuss hands or go to the game together. I made a listing for my friends game so check it out https://pokerdiy.comhome-poker/view/poker-game/12096/los-angles–great-cash-game-in-hollywood.aspx.

If you want to talk poker or interested in playing at the game in Hollywood send me a note or reply to this blog. I also have messenger and facebook. So come on lets talk POKER




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