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Hey Guys …

So I have no set day I will be doing these Blogs but as a situation arose this week on an important subject I thought id share with you.

Many poker players new and even old ones do not understand the difference between gross & net rake which is very important when looking for a rakeback deal.

Let me make this subject really simple to understand.

Assume for the example the player is on 40% rakeback.

Player A has a gross rakeback deal
Player B has a net rakeback deal

Gross Rakeback: No fees are deducted from rakeback

A player rakes $1,000 and is on 40% rakeback he is due = $400.

Net Rakeback: Rakeback calculated after network fees

A player rakes $1000 and is on 40% rakeback network fees are 20% = $200.
The player now gets 40% of $800 NOT 40% of $1,000.

This can make a huge difference to a players rakeback and some affiliates do use this to make a deal perceived to be worth more than it actually is.

I have strived to avoid any confusions on this subject & all players who sign for a rakeback deal via :


All have their stats clearly visible so they know exactly what they are due back & have the facility to cashout their rakeback on demand.

As always if anyone has any questions about anything they have read I will be happy to help answer questions 🙂

Bye for now Folks !


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