Where can you play poker games with live dealers in NJ?

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When you’re looking to play online, table games can be a fun experience.

Currently, these games can involve a computer-based system (running a random number generator to deal the cards) or a live dealer.

While the automated system makes for a fun game, there’s a certain appeal to seeing a live dealer. After all, it connects you to a live person, complete with cards and tables, as if you were in the casino.

Playing online, users will participate virtually, with the ability to sit at a table with other players. You’ll be able to chat with the dealer through chat functionality as if you were sitting at the table. Everything functions in real-time, with a live stream; nothing is pre-recorded.

How Does a Live Recording Work?

In New Jersey, playing table games online is perfectly legal, including real dealers.

Players will join the poker game through an online casino, giving an authentic casino feel. The game is broadcasted from a studio, complete with tables, chairs, cards, dealers, and cameras.

Anyone entering the table will play alongside others virtually, with chat functionality enabled.

The rules of the game are the same as in-person poker, although most online games will have a “hand calculator.” These calculators offer bettors a current position with their hands throughout the game.

Are Online Games Legal?

As of 2013, it is entirely legal for residents in New Jersey to gamble online; this includes online casinos, sports betting, table games, and slot machines.

Online casinos may have restrictions on players from out-of-state. The IP address attached to your computer is used to determine your location, which will assess your place of residency.

As with other gambling methods, participants must be 21 years or older to gamble online.

What Are Legal Facilities?

To operate a casino online, companies must hold a valid license to conduct their business.

This license ensures that minimum standards are met online, including responsible gaming controls. This regulation also helps protect the public interest by keeping the games honest and fair. It also reduces the influence of organized crime, maintaining the integrity of operators, employees, and vendors.

Legal operations will undergo thorough investigations, audits, and inspections. These audits ensure that the games run according to outlined legislation, keeping the controls fair.

All games are monitored by an operator at all times, triggering a warning if the game operates outside of the normal tolerance levels.

As such, every game, player, and action is recorded for auditing purposes. Statistics and information about the gameplay are available for review.

All games can be reported to the licensing agency online if players believe the game is rigged.

Current poker options online

If you’re looking for the best live dealers in New Jersey, you’ll want to research the different games available with each casino.

The Ezugi is presently the only casino to offer a live stream for those wishing to play Hold ’em.

With Hold’Em, players and dealers are all dealt two cards and the flop. Once the flop has been turned, the bettor can decide if they’d like to bet or fold on the hand. The turn (the 4th card) and the river (the 5th card) are then turned to determine the winner.

Another variation of Hold’Em is Ultimate Texas Hold ’em. This game is available using Evolution Gaming software.

Unlike the other variation of Hold ’em, this version uses only one player hand. Unlimited players can join each round, unlike the traditional seven players. Other player’s decisions do not influence how you play your hand. The Trips side bet adds extra to the game, paying out even when the dealer wins. 

Arguably the most straightforward poker game to play online, three-card poker is only available at Evolution casinos. It requires minimal strategy for betting, unlike other games. The hand starts with both the dealer and the bettor receiving three cards. The best three-card hand wins the pot. There are optional Trips and a six-card bonus for additional betting.


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