Televised Poker and Online Casino

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Online casino games gained momentum in the late-90s. Part of their success could possibly be attributed to the popularity of televised Poker which opened further interest (and demand) in traditional casino games.

Let’s have a quick look at televised poker before we move on to online casinos. 

TV Poker

Televised poker began to gain popularity at the turn of the 21st century. This time also saw the advent of the hole-card camera (2002), which allowed the audience to view a player’s hidden cards.

For several years, televised poker maintained its popularity, and one could not miss poker television shows airing at any given hour throughout the channel guide. TV poker witnessed a sharp decline from 2006 when the US government laid down regulations restricting online play.

In TV, Poker’s notable history is Chris Moneymaker, an accountant from Tennessee and a part-time player, who won the main event at the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP) aired on ESPN. 

Today’s poker TV has decreased in quantity, but its quality has improved with the advent of technology. The World Poker Tour still runs, ESPN covers WSOP every year, and Poker Central is a 24-hour poker television network.

Poker TV Shows to Watch Online

You can watch live poker coverage on your computer, phone, tablet, or other gadgets from the following sources.


Find out Twitch’s poker channels by visiting their website. You can stream each channel by clicking the thumbnail. The poker tournaments come with pro commentary.

Poker Stars TV

Poker Stars TV provides high-quality online video streaming to live and replay EPL and Global Poker League games.


WSOP offers live streams of current events and a library of past events.

Poker Central

Poker Central offers 24/7 poker shows. It also keeps poker enthusiasts up to date with the current poker news and events.

Back to Online Casinos

In the late ’90s and with TV poker becoming very popular, the constant evolution of technological capabilities has truly allowed and revolutionized how consumers use online casino platforms – being able to access plenty of Poker variations such as Omaha Hi Lo and other traditional and innovative games.

Online casino games include traditional games such as slot machines and table games played in real-time or via video streaming by the casino. Some also provide tickets, keno, and lotto.

There are three ways consumers can access online casino games:

1. Online Casino Applications

This way requires users to download the online casino software to their computer or any other electronic gadget to play.

Download-based online casinos are faster than all different online casino games because all programs and animations are in the application (software). The software does not require any browser support to connect to the casino operator.

Ensure to look out for computer viruses that might come with the downloaded software, such as malware and spyware. 

The good part is that there is not just one online casino platform but hundreds from which you can choose. Whichever platform seems the safest and the most secure to you, you should do so along with that one.

Many reputable organizations provide the best kind of casino software so that players can get involved feeling safe and secure. These organizations have a proper code of conduct and the gambling practice is regulated accordingly.

2. Web-based Casinos

Web-based casinos require a user to provide login information for the designated website to play. This platform, however, requires large bandwidth for users to enjoy excellent quality graphics, images, and sound.

Web-based casinos scare a lot of people at first. People are unsure about it because web-based casinos are not as regulated and law-abiding as land-based ones. But you will be elated to know that not only websites are scams or fraud.

There are hundreds of websites that let you play casinos without losing your money or falling prey to some fraud. There are some methods, or say, checkpoints that help you to make sure that you are choosing a safe and secure website.

Some of those signs are a padlock sign near the URL of the website, a license issued to the website, or secure and reputable payment methods.

3. Live Online Casinos

Live-based online casinos allow the user to enjoy a real-time experience. The user can interact with other players online and table dealers just as in a live physical casino. This kind of casino is the most prominent among the players for its interactivity.

Live online casinos make you feel as if you are playing the actual real-life casino, hence increasing the fun of the games ten folds.

From poker to slots and other games – the main advantages of online casinos are pretty obvious – they enable players to play from the comfort of their homes or wherever they are at any time, provided you have your computer, tablet, or phone and vast internet.

You can play for leisure or mix it with a chance to win some money.


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