What Poker Game Gives You the Best odds of Winning?

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Casinos are popular forms of entertainment. Whether it’s a weekend trip to Vegas, a cruise ship, or a local casino, there’s no shortage of game options. With online casinos becoming more popular than ever before, you can gamble without ever leaving your house.

Poker is one casino game that carries decent odds. With a little bit of skill and some luck, it’s worth playing to make a few bucks. Unlike slot games where only the developer knows your odds, poker is transparent enough to accurately calculate your chances. There’s a multitude of different varieties of poker available online. So, does one poker game provide better odds than the others?

The easiest poker game to win

Based on winning odds alone, Double Bonus Poker provides the best chance of overcoming the house edge. Statistically, this game’s odds are high enough that you can get paid to play.

This video poker game pays out double the amount of regular Bonus Poker, which we’ll cover further down the list. The payback percentage is a whopping 100.17%, which is hands down the most generous payout of any poker game.

Other poker games with good odds

When it comes to poker odds, any game with a payback percentage higher than 99% is one worth playing. If the percentage is lower, it doesn’t mean the game is bad, just that you’re less likely to make serious cash playing it.

Jacks or Better

While this game doesn’t have the greatest odds, it’s easy to find in any casino, and it’s even easier to play. For this reason alone, it’s a popular beginner game. Before you jump in, look for a 9/6 paytable, as it has payout odds of 99.54%.

Eerily resemblant of 5 Card Draw, you’re dealt five cards, choose what you keep, then rank your hand, where your hand ranks will determine your payout.

Deuces Wild

Similar to Jacks or Better, this poker variation uses 2s as wild cards to complete your hand. Because it’s easier to make a hand with wild cards, the lowest paying hand in this game is 3 of a kind.

The payout percentage for Deuces Wild is 99.73%, even higher than Jacks or Better.

Bonus Poker

The only thing that differentiates Bonus Poker from Jacks or Better is that in a game of Bonus Poker, the payout for 4 of a kind differs according to the card, and in Jacks or Better, card rank doesn’t matter.

The payout percentage for this poker variation is 99.17%, which isn’t the greatest odds. As a general rule, however, any game with odds greater than 99% is a good one when it comes to real money casino games.

Joker Poker

The expected return from Joker Poker is 100.64%. Basic pairs don’t count in this game; you will need kings or better to win.

Double Double Bonus Poker

Double double bonus poker pays out only for four-of-a-kind hands in certain combinations. Basic strategy on a 10/6 game will yield you a payout percentage of 100.07%.


Employing a good playing strategy can go a long way to increasing your odds of winning. Playing aggressively and patiently waiting for the right hand are just a couple of ways you can stack the deck in your favor.

One of the best strategies for poker is to fold more hands than you play. While this sounds like a boring way to spend your time, the rule of averages means most of the hands you are dealt will be losers. Folding bad hands and aggressively betting on good ones will keep your bankroll moving in the right direction.

Final thoughts

Not all poker games are created. This is true whether you’re playing in a physical casino or an online one. The downside is that the games with the best winning odds have lower-level payouts than lower odds games. Just because a game has better odds doesn’t mean you’ll win more money.

There’s always a certain amount of risk with gambling. Payback percentages and winning odds can help you determine if a game is profitable in the long run, but it’s not a guarantee. Even 100% payout percentage games can be less profitable than they seem.


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