great start, The weather has been really cold and we have had snow which is unusual for south of England, I have made it to the game which is about 40mins away which is a real pain, The stakes are at the very top of my bankroll as well so it is v exiting playing. The players are not great, they all have experience and know how to play the game but I don't have a major problem playing against them, it is a 1/2£ game which I think is as tough as a 25nl game online maybe even softer. I think people are missing a trick not playing live because a good player(not just strategically but with the ability to read live emotions) can make prob 20bb/100 in this game, so the game plays pots the size of a 2/4$ game online so if you were running 3bb/100 online it is like playing 6 tables of 2/4 at an amazing win rate, also you are going to have way more fun live because the players are bad and it fills your 'social' requirement which is something I need to be happy. Anyway first hour i played I set over set a good player for £400 and I left over £700 up. I got really lucky and played well too, I returned Monday night to net another £150. the next day I played online at stars at 25nl (I am starting low because I haven't played in ages and I believe it is best to start off in a low variance way and wait for a month until you have your routine sorted then you can start to play at your bankroll limits) I ran really hot and move to 50nl but ended the day almost even as I played a qq hand badly and got all in preflop vrs an utg player (6max), I analysed the hand and believe it is better to call the 4bet instead of shove,( he made the 4b small) anyway he had AA and I lost. The next day I started off well online I went up a couple of buy ins but did a very stupid move which had almost 0 fold equity and also when called I was drawing dead so basically the worst move I could ever have made and I lost a buy in, I quit shortly after that- online poker is very hard to beat easily. I have put my computer in for repair as it was tilting me with its slowness and I have decided to leave stars- I read somewhere that the average table has the most winning players than any other site and as I am just going to focus on playing 3 tables really well(you will be able to move up stakes quicker) I am going to move onto a site where the competition may be a little softer(not as many mass multitablers that make life hard). Having said this the mass multitablers are not hard to play against but it would be better if that seat was occupied by a total spewy reg. I am gonna try cake poker or betfair poker and will hopefully be at 100nl by the end of next week, I am looking to maybe be making £200 a week from online but mainly playing life.
Best of luck with your games guys and If anyone is playing professionally and in the south of England PM, it would be great to hear from others.


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