In poker, the more experienced you become, the more important it is for you to have a solid structure. Structure is the name given for the framework of the game and they differ depending on the type of
poker you play.

Tournament Structure
Poker is a game that includes strata of both luck and skill. The more talented you are the more important it becomes for you to have a wider stack to pot ratio when playing against weaker players. This is known in the game as playing deep-stacked poker. For the top professional at a tournament such as the 2013 Aussie Millions, a good structure would be a deep stack and a slow blind structure, meaning the blinds increase in smaller increments and over a longer period of time. This enables them to lose some pots due to adverse luck, against weaker opponents, whilst avoiding fatal consequences.

Cash Game Structure
The structure of a cash game is different because the blinds do not increase over time, and instead stay static. Players choose a type of game with a set static blind structure such as $1/2, $5/10, and $10/25, etc.

Betting Structure
All forms of poker have differing betting structures. There are games known as No-Limit, Pot-Limit and Limit. No-Limit games allow you to bet as many chips as you like – irrespective of the size of the pot – Pot-Limit only allows you to make pot-sized bets and in limit games there are defined betting amounts, street by street.

Rake and Juice
Poker is a game played between people so the house gets paid through these two conduits. The rake is a set percentage of each pot that is withdrawn and given to the house hand-by-hand. The juice is an additional payment that is paid to the house during the buy-in for a tournament.

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    I keep seeing comments about the rake being fair or unfair. Which games do you see with the best structure and the fairest rakes?

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