Three Short Stack Strategies Part One

I thought I would discuss the various short stack strategies (SSS) out there. The most popular being Ed Millers. In his book GSHE he tells us why a short stack strategy is the way to go. One of the reasons to play short stack is for beginners not to lose their shirts. Another reason is that you can play above your bankroll. The last reason (not per Ed Miller) is its plain ole simpler to multi table and bonus whore.

Ed Millers strategy is more positional than anything else. Its starting hands are pretty much the staple of short stackers, but these hands can only be played in specific positions. I play alot of short stack strategy, via 24 tabling. I have seen many variants of Ed Millers strategy. Most play incorrectly. Playing an incorrect strategy is one way to lose a ton of money, probably why many short stackers are not winners (and hated). I dont mind taking my competitors money either, so keep playing incorectly.

The least talk on this strategy is table selection. Please note that the most recent release (beta) of HEM has a table scanner which I am currently testing. If you play a SSS do not play at a table with more than 2 short stackers. That means 7-8 of the players must be atleast 50BB or a full buy in. Never post until you blinds come around.

Tomorrow in Part Two we will discuss another short stack strategy, along with the last strategy in Part Three. Cya


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